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Our Vision


From the beginning of time, the Levant has been known as the Cradle of several Civilisations and religions as well as a strategic geopolitical hub.

Our vision is of a unified association of Levant nations, stretching from the Eastern border of Iraq, across Jordan and Syria, and including Israel and Palestine to the West; and from Syria’s Northern border, to the Southern borders of Jordan and Iraq.

Our wish is to see the emergence of an economically prosperous, stable and peaceful region, whose member states work together to protect mutual interests, to build an environment of tolerance and understanding, and to redefine the place of the region in the world.

We envisage a region-wide respect for the wishes and decisions of the people across the region, combined with respect and accommodation for the cultures, traditions and beliefs of all.

In addition, we look to the enhancement of diplomatic, cultural and commercial relations with those states bordering the region on all sides.

Whether in education, science, commerce, the arts, technology or the humanities, our vision is of a Levant region of which the citizens of all constituent countries can be rightly proud.

A Levant region in which a peaceful, rich and rewarding life may be enjoyed by all.