World Refugee Day


Today marks World Refugee Day. A day on which it is more important than ever to commemorate the strength and courage of those families and individuals forced to flee their homes. The number of individuals displaced by conflict and persecution is higher than it has ever been in modern history. 65.5 million people are fleeing conflict, war or violence. According to the UNHCR some 22.5 million of these have crossed international borders and are defined as refugees. And many of those forced to leave their homes are children, indeed more than half of all refugees are under 18.

Welcomed by some, but rejected by others, most refugees are vulnerable and have suffered greatly, all in the quest to find safety and stability. And ongoing conflict in the Middle East has been a significant driver for the displacement of far too many of today’s refugees.

On World Refugee Day it is important to acknowledge that if we are to stop creating more refugees then we must stop the wars that create them. Years of violence have forced many from their homes. If there is any hope for them to ever return home there must be security, stability and reconstruction. This can only be achieved alongside the peaceful resolution of many of the conflicts across the Middle East and the world.

We stand in solidarity with all those who have been forced to flee violence and persecution.

We call for increased dialogue and understanding to resolve conflicts that cause those to flee.

We ask those who are able to step forward to assist those who are in need.

These sentiments should not be limited to World Refugee Day. With the number of refugees increasing year on year, we must act now and act tirelessly to limit pain and suffering in the future.

The Aramea Foundation