Aramea Foundation Initiative in Syrian Refugee Camps - Beqaa Valley - Lebanon - April 2017


Aramea Foundation Initiative in

Syrian Refugee Camps

Beqaa Valley – Lebanon – April 2017

Early in April 2017, a delegation from the Aramea Foundation visited a refugee camp in Lebanon. The camp in question hosts over 3000 refugees.

The number of inhabitants in the camp means that sanitation is a major concern. The Aramea team was able to bring in water tanks and lavatories and distribute these fairly through the camp.


Disease and illness are also prevalent. The majority of he families living in the camp had no access to basic medical care, and so Aramea was able to bring in a doctor to assess those families in need of urgent treatment. We were then able to provide funds to cover their treatment and medication.


The Aramea team also attempted to impact the dearth of education facilities in the camp.

Over 40% of the refugees present are children in immediate need of schooling.

The team worked alongside local teachers to expand their teaching resource and to assist in acquiring the basic tools needed to provide schooling.

Aramea was able to supply desks, chairs, stationery and pens, where children were otherwise studying seated on the floor of a small, crowded room with virtually no resources.

“The smiles on the children’s faces when we set up the classroom were heartwarming and encouraging,” observed one Aramea team member, “in the sense that they proved we can make a big impact with very little.”

Self expression

Another important project run by our team was designed to give a voice to the children of the camp, not only providing an audience for their stories, but bringing these to life, in their eyes.

With an impromptu production crew, plus educators, the team conducted a 3 day workshop teaching a group of children to produce, film and edit a movie. The project drew huge interest, with some 60 children involved either in front of or behind the camera.


In its final act of aid on this short project visit, the Aramea team was able to distribute warm clothing to a large number of families present.