Aramea Participates in the Palmyra International Architectural Forum in Moscow 22 May 2017


Aramea Foundation participated in the Palmira International Architectural Forum in Moscow, which was launched in the Russian capital on 22 May 2017.

The opening ceremony was attended by distinguished participants and guests, including representatives of the Russians ministries of culture, foreign affairs, defense and reconstruction, as well as UNESCO, the Syrian embassy, the Union of Architects of the Russian Federation, heritage experts and academics in Moscow.

On the first day of the forum, the Syrian historical city of Palmyra was highlighted, its importance as a human heritage, the destruction it has suffered at the hands of ISIS (Da’ash) terrorist group, the ongoing efforts to rebuild it and the proposed projects to restore it to its former status.

Some 1,000 photographs of Palmyra were also displayed, showing the ancient Syrian city before it was vandalized and partially destroyed by ISIS.

During the events of the first day of the forum, Aramea representative introduced the Foundation to the audience as an organisation established to help mould a future of peace, prosperity and collaboration for the peoples of the region known, since ancient times, as the Levant, by sharing ideas, philosophies, cultures and understanding.

On May 26, Aramea Foundation organised a special day for Palmyra, where its representatives gave lectures and speeches, and displayed posters and portraits about the ancient Syrian city and the local population.

Furthermore, during this day the organisers of the Palmyra International Forum in Moscow drafted a declaration that guarantees the protection of the world cultural patrimony when threatened by war, terrorism, pillage and natural or human-induced disasters, and to hold accountable the terrorist groups that steal relics and those who are involved in their smuggling and illicit trade.

The declaration was to be distributed to the participants, including Aramea, for the signature. It also will be signed by the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Sergei Lavrov.