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Aramea Levant Knowledge Centre (ALKC)

The Aramea Levant Knowledge Centre focuses on research relating to the Levant area. Aramea aims to establish the definitive information and knowledge resource on the region for academic and journalistic use.

The Centre aims to build a substantial network of academic specialists on the Middle East in the areas of sociology/anthropology, culture, religion, economics, politics, and security/stability studies.

The Aramea Levant Knowledge Centre fosters collaborations and partnerships with academic institutions worldwide, for the purpose of aiding understanding of the history, culture and present day situation of the Levant.

Through the Knowledge Centre, the Aramea Foundation will establish fellowships for researchers, and scholarships for Levant (and non Levant) students, whose studies are focused on the region.

Within the remit of the Aramea Levant Knowledge Centre is to build a substantial knowledge database for the Levant region.