*header image: Sulaymaniyah


The Aramea Foundation is Chaired by Siwar al Assad.

Mr. al Assad is a Syrian born writer, raised and educated in Europe.

The author of three published novels, he is the chairman of the Arab News Network, the first Arab satellite channel focused on Middle Eastern affairs, political news and analytical journalism.

Mr. al Assad has dedicated his life to promoting open dialogue about the future of the Levant.

Through his many activities he works to further the ideals of democratic development, progress, and prosperity of the many people of the region.

The idea of the Aramea Foundation is rooted in his wish to bring peace, stability and development to Syria and the broader region.

Mr. al Assad understands that his vision can come into fruition only through an open and frank dialogue between all of those affected/involved.

The proud father of four children, Mr al Assad is an avid horse rider and show jumper, and a member of the International Equestrian Federation. He graduated from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris with a degree in law.