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The Aramea Foundation is a community of discourse, established to help mould a future of peace, prosperity and collaboration for the peoples of the region known, since ancient times, as the Levant.

This region includes (though is not wholly defined by) the area comprised today of Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Iraq.

Wracked by war and the counter claims of peoples and factions of varying religious and ethnic grounding, the region stands in disarray and, in some parts, devastation.

In the aftermath of the war, however, will come rebuilding.

Our aim is to foster the opportunity to tackle this not country by country but holistically; conceiving a future which unites the interests of the myriad of people who live in the region.

Independent and non partisan

The Aramea Foundation is an independent, non partisan and not-for-profit organisation.

We believe that by sharing ideas, philosophies, cultures and understanding, a previously unknown security and prosperity can be nurtured across the region.